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Bloomberg Television came to see us last fall and shot this segment.  Not only is it an excellent primer on the 3D marketplace (albeit before DirecTV, Discovery & ESPN announced 3D TV broadcasts), it puts us in illustrious company — we’re happy to be mentioned in the same breath as our friends at DreamWorks Animation any day.



3desWe had a great week at IBC, and a lively, mouse-ear-filled weekend at Disney’s D23 Expo, but the fun’s not over.   This week, September 16th-17th, we’ll be featured at the 3D Entertainment Summit, where you’ll be able to catch both Steve Schklair and Sandy Climan holding forth about the fast-moving 3D entertainment market.  We’ll have some of our spectacular footage up on the big screen, including the public debut of a charming piece by legendary director of photography Allen Daviau, and will also be toting the usual fancy 3D TV, where you’ll be able to watch some of our work like this and this.

Can’t wait to see you there!

U2 3D Movie Poster

U2 3D Movie Poster

Awards season is always an interesting time here in LA — a great chance to review all the achievements of the past year, and to take a look at the folks who are moving the entertainment industry forward into new dimensions (yes, pun intended).  We’re delighted to say that our own first project, U2 3D, was honored with an award from the Visual Effects Society, which is the industry’s only organization that represents visual effects practitioners across multiple fields internationally.

U2 3D won Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project, and kept company with other winners such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Wall-E, and The Dark Knight.  Not bad for our independent project, huh?  It’s especially gratifying because the art of applying visual effects in live-action 3D has been especially hard to master, and we’re thrilled to be recognized for our work.  We’re also looking forward to sharing our developments with other filmmakers.

Special congratulations go out to U2 3D’s visual effects wizards:  Peter Anderson, Steve Schklair, David Franks, Jeremy Nicolaides.  You can read more about this year’s VES Awards here in Variety.