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At 3ality Digital, we’ve long been evangelists for 3D to the home.  We’ve also been convinced that sports will be a key driver for this new medium — and it looks like we now have a very significant flock of believers.

In action at the Sony press event.

Earlier this year, Sony announced their commitment to 3D in a big way, and we were delighted to participate in their press event yesterday, where our 3D camera and image processing platforms were used to shoot a live performance of the lovely and talented Taylor Swift singing “Romeo” (our personal favorite of her repertoire).   In addition to rolling out their new line of 3D-enabled Bravia televisions, Sony also announced the expansion of the Playstation network – which will carry 3D content — a groudbreaking partnership with Discovery Channel and Imax to produce a 3D channel, and last, but not least, a year-long sponsorship of ESPN’s new 3D sports channel.

We were also lucky enough to be present at Panasonic’s press conference, where they not only showed off their new 3D TV line (the amazing 152-inch screen was not in the room, sadly), but also announced their partnership with DirecTV on that company’s 3 new 3D channels.  A slew of networks are also joining the party, including Turner, CBS and NBC (we’re hoping they show off the digital 3D version of “Chuck vs. the Third Dimension,” which we shot for them.)

Taylor Swift in 3D

Although not out on the show floor (they’re in a private suite),  our partner Nagravision will be demonstrating  the 3D TV user interface we helped them develop using knowledge gleaned from our 3play™ image optimization technology.   You may just see this on your cable or satellite set top box in time for this summer’s World Cup in 3D.

If you’re at the show, please come see our newest camera platform (under glass in the Sony booth!), or keep an eye out for our footage on Sony, Samsung, LG and Mitsubishi televisions, or in the Broadcom booth.  We also may pop up in a keynote.  We’re just sayin’.

Photos from Engadget.