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At 3ality Digital, we’ve made it pretty clear that our whole reason for being is to enable everyone to create great 3D entertainment.  Where’s the joy in keeping it to ourselves?  We’ve designed our systems to work with existing infrastructure, to use familiar controls, and to produce super-accurate imagery right from the camera.  (We love our post-production friends, but “fixing it in post” is not really an option we believe in — use your post time for fun stuff.)   We also know that you have no time for a middleman — we’ll train you how you use our gear, so you can do it yourself.  No need to hire us and a custom truck for every single job.  We put you in charge of your own shows.  Don’t believe us?  Why not ask Sky? Or the NHL?  Or Fox Sports?

However, we know you have to do your due diligence.  So we’ve designed a set of questions you should ask any potential 3D technology provider.  We’ve even uploaded them as a PDF, so you can print them out and take them with you.  Just click here:  3D tech provider questions.   And the next blog post will feature our answers to those questions, so you’ll have the very best of benchmarks to use for comparison.  If we don’t have significantly more, er … dimension … than anyone else, we’ll eat our figurative three-dimensional hats.


Top consumer electronics manufacturers are preparing to unveil several new lines of 3D-enabled television sets and Blu-Ray players, but their laptops will represent the tipping point for in-home 3D.

Reasonably-priced, Blu-Ray ready and capable of delivering Internet-based entertainment content straight to their screens, 3D-enabled laptops are a triple threat.  As a critical mass of these familiar devices hits the market, consumers will be only too happy to open their doors and let them in.

Hard-core gamers, the earliest of the early adopters, already are getting hooked on the immersive at-home experience that 3D delivers.  They won’t be going back.  And neither will sports fans and other consumers, who are growing increasingly accustomed to downloading their entertainment content and watching it on their computer monitors.

There’s no question the forthcoming 3D-enabled big screens will have enormous appeal and grow the in-home 3D market.  But in the short term, consumer electronics companies can get laptops into stores (and in turn, into homes) quickly and inexpensively.  Seeding demand for ever-more 3D content with laptops will only help the sales of televisions down the road.

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logoWe’re delighted to announce that our CTO, Howard Postley, has joined the board of the 3D@Home Consortium.   If you’re not familiar with the Consortium, it’s made up of a group of companies spanning the globe who are devoted to ensuring the best possible viewing experience as the 3D media industry emerges.  Given that we expect 3D to be a key format in the entertainment business pretty soon, it behooves us to ensure that you — the consumers– love it.  And Howard’s just the guy to help make that happen.

For the full scoop, here’s a copy of the press release:  3dhome_elects_new_chairman2

And for more information, visit the 3D@Home website.