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I'll take them in tortoiseshell, please.

I gotta wear shades.  3D shades, as a matter of fact.   The geniuses at Microvision Optical have been working away on special polarized lenses that work with passive-glasses 3D displays (see our friends at RealD for the most popular in-cinema system).  Bonus feature:  they also double as sunglasses.  And they’re stylish, to boot, as you can see from the photo of our newly-acquired tortoiseshell pair, above.

We hear that the folks at Microvision may not even get a holiday break, they’re so busy working on special versions of the glasses for companies like Fox and Coca-Cola.  And lest you think the glasses are only good for movie theaters, please be advised that they work with the new polarized 3D TV’s from JVC and Hyundai — and are also useful for those giant LED displays from the busy bees at Sony.    Meet me in Times Square — and bring your 3D shades.


Kenny in another fancy hat.

3ality Digital is delighted to announce that our ground-breaking production technology was used to shoot Kenny Chesney:  Summer in 3D, a new live-action concert film to be released by Sony Hot Ticket in April.   Visit for a high-energy 2D preview, and get ready for the Summer of Kenny.

Top consumer electronics manufacturers are preparing to unveil several new lines of 3D-enabled television sets and Blu-Ray players, but their laptops will represent the tipping point for in-home 3D.

Reasonably-priced, Blu-Ray ready and capable of delivering Internet-based entertainment content straight to their screens, 3D-enabled laptops are a triple threat.  As a critical mass of these familiar devices hits the market, consumers will be only too happy to open their doors and let them in.

Hard-core gamers, the earliest of the early adopters, already are getting hooked on the immersive at-home experience that 3D delivers.  They won’t be going back.  And neither will sports fans and other consumers, who are growing increasingly accustomed to downloading their entertainment content and watching it on their computer monitors.

There’s no question the forthcoming 3D-enabled big screens will have enormous appeal and grow the in-home 3D market.  But in the short term, consumer electronics companies can get laptops into stores (and in turn, into homes) quickly and inexpensively.  Seeding demand for ever-more 3D content with laptops will only help the sales of televisions down the road.

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More great news from 3ality Digital over the past few days.  You can read about the 3D TV user experience we developed with industry-leader Nagravision here, in a little newspaper called the Wall Street Journal.  Or we can tell you about our new relationship with Cinedigm Digital Entertainment, in which we have joined forces to bring alternative entertainment events in 3D to cinemas all across the country.   This 3D business is real — but don’t just trust us, hear it from Charlotte Jones, analyst extraordinaire from Screen Digest.

3desWe had a great week at IBC, and a lively, mouse-ear-filled weekend at Disney’s D23 Expo, but the fun’s not over.   This week, September 16th-17th, we’ll be featured at the 3D Entertainment Summit, where you’ll be able to catch both Steve Schklair and Sandy Climan holding forth about the fast-moving 3D entertainment market.  We’ll have some of our spectacular footage up on the big screen, including the public debut of a charming piece by legendary director of photography Allen Daviau, and will also be toting the usual fancy 3D TV, where you’ll be able to watch some of our work like this and this.

Can’t wait to see you there!

IBCOnce again, it’s time for the annual confab for the European broadcast community:  IBC in Amsterdam.   We’re making the trek across the great Atlantic to join them, and wanted to let you know where you could find us.   Our fearless co-founder, Steve Schklair, and our esteemed stereographer, Ray Hannisian, will also be sharing their expertise with a couple of presentations.  So, if you’re in Amsterdam, come join us for some spectacular stereoscopic 3D, and hopefully, one or two good Dutch beers.

3ality Digital equipment and technology will be featured in the following booths (or “stands,” as they say across the pond):

EVS –  Hall 1, Stand 8.B90

Assimilate – Hall 1, Stand 7.J09, 7.K01

Quantel – Hall 1, Stand 7.A21 

Nagravision – Hall 1, Stand1.D69 


Monday, Sept. 14th, 9:00 AM — 3D at the Movies, presenters Steve Schklair and Ray Hannisian (with a live 3D camera demo!)

Monday, Sept. 14th, 3:45 pm — Alternative 3D content, presenter Steve Schklair

To bring you an update on 3D TV. We just wanted to point you to this article on DVICE, because we wholeheartedly agree with it: Wait a couple of months before you buy your next TV, and you’ll get one that can play 3D content (at a good price, we might add). “Stop Shopping for an HDTV – 3D is Coming!”

upposterAt 3ality Digital, one of the things we’ve consistently emphasized is that 3D can be a marvelously effective storytelling tool, rather than a gimmick. Having the “Z-plane” to manipulate in a film or television show adds myriad opportunities to heighten emotional moments. The effect is subtle, but telling, as anyone who’s seen U2 3D can attest.

We were delighted to see this interview in Animation World Magazine featuring Josh Hollander and Bob Whitehill from Pixar, whose deep knowledge and nuanced use of 3D effects are a perfect example of what we’ve been talking about. Make sure to you enjoy the video, where you can get a sneak peek at a few scenes from this breathtaking new movie. (In 2D, of course — but it should whet your appetite to see it in your local 3D theater.)

P020109PS-0339Over the past year at 3ality Digital we couldn’t help but notice that, regardless of political position, nearly everyone loves 3D.  So we were understandably delighted when the White House release its official Flickr Photo Stream to celebrate the 100th day of Obama’s presidency — and, voilà, there it was:  a shot of the First Family watching the Super Bowl halftime in 3D–which included the 3D Sobe Life Water commercial we shot with Arnell, featuring CG work by Digital Domain, and the euphoria-inducing dancing talents of Ray Lewis, Justin Tuck and Matt Light.

Obviously, a good time was had by all (rumor has it that Obama’s a Steelers fan).  And, while we handily understand that great leaders often think differently, we couldn’t help but notice that the POTUS is wearing his glasses inside-out.  Malia and Sasha, would you help your dad out with this one?

Shooting the 3D live-action "Lizard Lake" footage.

Shooting the 3D live-action "Lizard Lake" footage.

We’re all familiar with March Madness.  But are you familiar with March Adness?  It’s just as dynamic, and from our point of view, incredibly fulfilling.  Why?  Well, because Sobe’s “Lizard Lake” is competing today for a chance to go to the Final Four.  As you might recall, we had a little something to do with this commercial — which was the first 3D commercial to air on network television, during Super Bowl halftime, no less.  So go cast your vote, and do it today, as there are only 14 hours left in the competition.  Lee the Lizard may just do a little 3D jig of happiness in return.