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Monthly Archives: March 2010

iPhone shot of the 70' screen at the Regal Cinema.

Last night, 3ality Digital was proud to have set another milestone — this time with the help of a certain Grammy Award-winning hip hop group who happen to be big fans of S3D.   We shot the first S3D concert simulcast ever done in the US:  the sold-out Black Eyed Peas concert at LA’s Staples Center, which was delivered live, in magnificent S3D, to the 70-foot screen in the Regal Cinema’s Premiere Theater at LA Live.

You could feel the electricity in the theater:  the pre-show music was playing, the fans were amped, and then –hey presto! — appeared on the scene, donned a pair of 3D glasses, and gave a big shout-out to the crowd.   Everyone was delighted.  Fifteen minutes later, the concert was on, and it was just like being in the front row.  Maybe even a bit better, actually — the concessions were nearby, and you could still dance in the aisles, if you were so inclined.

It was a seminal experience, one that showed the world that this is indeed the future of entertainment.  We’re glad that BEP shared our vision (we can’t think of a funkier crew to be with!), and we also want to thank our partners at AEG Network Live for making this happen.