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upposterAt 3ality Digital, one of the things we’ve consistently emphasized is that 3D can be a marvelously effective storytelling tool, rather than a gimmick. Having the “Z-plane” to manipulate in a film or television show adds myriad opportunities to heighten emotional moments. The effect is subtle, but telling, as anyone who’s seen U2 3D can attest.

We were delighted to see this interview in Animation World Magazine featuring Josh Hollander and Bob Whitehill from Pixar, whose deep knowledge and nuanced use of 3D effects are a perfect example of what we’ve been talking about. Make sure to you enjoy the video, where you can get a sneak peek at a few scenes from this breathtaking new movie. (In 2D, of course — but it should whet your appetite to see it in your local 3D theater.)

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