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P020109PS-0339Over the past year at 3ality Digital we couldn’t help but notice that, regardless of political position, nearly everyone loves 3D.  So we were understandably delighted when the White House release its official Flickr Photo Stream to celebrate the 100th day of Obama’s presidency — and, voilà, there it was:  a shot of the First Family watching the Super Bowl halftime in 3D–which included the 3D Sobe Life Water commercial we shot with Arnell, featuring CG work by Digital Domain, and the euphoria-inducing dancing talents of Ray Lewis, Justin Tuck and Matt Light.

Obviously, a good time was had by all (rumor has it that Obama’s a Steelers fan).  And, while we handily understand that great leaders often think differently, we couldn’t help but notice that the POTUS is wearing his glasses inside-out.  Malia and Sasha, would you help your dad out with this one?

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