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Here at 3ality Digital, we’re devoted fans of Pixar and Disney.   Some of us even remember the time when Pixar was housed in a warehouse in Point Richmond, slaving away at pioneering a new form of animation — and the sunny day in 1988 when Tin Toy, the first completely computer-animated short, won an Academy Award.

So we were understandably delighted to hear that Pixar’s latest film — and its first 3D film —  Up is slated to open the prestigious Cannes Film Festival this year.   We like to think that we help put 3D filmmaking on the map when we showed U2 3D there, opening eyes (both eyes!) to the fact that 3D is the next great development in the art form.  Glad to see that folks are catching on.

And while most of us won’t be hanging out on the red carpet at Cannes, we’ll have our very own opportunity this week to take in a ground-breaking 3D movie:  Monsters vs. Aliens, DreamWorks Animation’s first all-3D film.  We can’t wait.

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